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Current events indicate that we are living in the general End Times era (this means the end of an Age, NOT the end of the world).  (link)

  • North Korean believers in Jesus Christ live in the TOP-RATED country in the world for religious persecution.  But, in spite of that.....THEY are praying for US in the west!  (link)

  • Former Iranian citizens immigrating to other countries to obtain freedom to worship Jesus Christ. (link)

  • Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?  (link)  

  • Worship meetings are taking place where messianic believers of all ethnicities worship together (including Jews, Arabs, and Gentiles of various ethnicities) ....

  • Hazem's Story:
    Born into a Palestinian family, Hazem is now a believer of Jesus Christ.  Check out Hazem's story as well as great interviews from his ReflectionsTV program that is broadcasted on the TBN network, or videos/interviews from that program on youtube.

  • Growing underground Jesus Christ believer movements now in countries where significant persecution of believers exists today and is on the rise, such as North Korea, China, Indonesia, and Iran, to name just a few of them.

    Fascinating Trivia:   

  • The word “Verbatim” refers to the word-for-word method of recording events as they happened, and was developed in Roman times and used the @ symbol ........  (link)

  • The town of ancient Smyrna in Asia Minor in Bible times (Rev 1:11) is called Izmir today and is in Turkey........

  • The specific manger location: coincidence or divine message?   (link)

  • Why were Abraham and Sarah’s names changed from Abram and Sarai?   (link)

  • How old is the oldest tree ever found? (link)

  • How does the harvest theme relate to prophecy?

  • Why is Joseph in the Old Testament a clear picture of Jesus (Yeshua)?   (link)

  • Little known historical details regarding Pontius Pilate  (link), Pilate's letter to Herod (link),  and Pilate's last words (link). more!



               Archeology & The Bible               

Research shows extremely interesting and amazing archeological findings that relate to the Bible.  Plus, other research findings.

  • In 1929, evidence of apostle Paul's visit to the people of Greece and Corinth was found when an interesting stone was uncovered and can be seen today......... (link)

  • Pontius Pilate stone discovered....... (link)

  • Isaiah refers to the Great Pyramid of Giza.  This Pyramid contains a wealth of information that relates to the Bible. (link)

  • Large-sized illustrations/drawings of the Passage System in the Great Pyramid and prophetic Chronograph (prophecy time line) that it represents.  (link)

  • Finding of the Dead Sea scrolls, and the significance of this and its timing. (link)

     Decoding the Great Pyramid of Giza   

Investigation and scientific study of the Great Pyramid of Giza from 1637 to the 1950s by astronomers, archeologists and mathematicians resulted in information that would literally make one's jaw drop. These discoveries were published in the 1950s and 1960s, and included a great multitude of scientific, meteorological, astronomical, mathematical, historical, chronological, and Biblical truths. Building of this pyramid began in 2623 B.C., and the chronology built into it included a forecast of the date of the Exodus, Christ's birth, baptism, and crucifixion.   (link)

  • Illustrations/drawings of the Passage System and Chronograph (small versions)

  • Geometric construction

  • Astronomical design

  • Mathematical proportions

  • Scientific features

  • The Christ Angle (Triangle)

  • Why was it built?

  • Who was the builder?

  • Who was the architect?

  • The message?

                         Good News                           

Can you pour God into a test tube?  (link)

Miraculous Embedded Message
The miraculous message of REST ("gospel" means "Good News") found encrypted in the primary genealogy in the Bible, a great example of supernatural engineering. (link)

This is Truly the GOOD NEWS - - Really!
There are a number of things that many Christians STILL do not fully comprehend today.  Many still do not understand that we are under the New Covenant, NOT the Old Covenant.  This is TRULY the Good News! Here is a powerful summary of the differences between the New Covenant "deal" and the Old Covenant "deal."  The New Covenant shows us how much God loves us!  Understanding and believing this will bring you true peace and REST(link to handy comparison table of old and new covenants)

Galatians 4:21-30
The Holy Spirit cannot flow when the Law is in the church.  It would be like Hagar (Law) coming back to raise Isaac because Sarah (Grace) couldn't do a good job of it.  As a Christian you are not able to blossom until the law is out of your life.  The Law is like a stone blocking the resurrection life.  But, you cannot remove the stone (Law) from........(link)

Paul's conversion poses a problem for non-believers (link)

                  Fulfilled Prophecies                

Examples of some of the hundreds of prophecies in the Bible that have already come true, or are in the process of being fulfilled.

Fulfillment status:  (details)

  • Prophecies about the birth of Jesus.

  • Prophecies regarding Israel in the distant past, recent past, and present.

  • The vast increase of knowledge that has taken place over the last 100 years and is exponentially growing today.

  • New world order.

  • Army of 200 million becoming possible.

              Amazing Anniversaries              

There have been many, multiple key historical events that have amazingly and supernaturally occurred on Biblical anniversaries, which are celebrated by holidays and festivals in Israel and by those of Jewish descent.  This shows that rather than these events occurring on such anniversaries by random chance, it has been the hand of God.    (details)

  • This type of thing cannot be said of any other nation in the world.  No matter what faith you are, you will appreciate the awesomeness of God by the information presented on this page.







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