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Underground Persecuted Christians in North Korea:

North Korean believers in Jesus Christ live in the TOP-RATED country in the world for religious persecution. But, in spite of that.....THEY are praying for US in the west!  To view this interesting story, check out this Christian World News video:

Persecuted Iranian/Persian Christians Immigrating to Germany:

A Christian church in Germany has been given new life from recently-immigrated Iranians/Persians.  The church was not thriving before, but with the recent influx of those immigrating from Iran who had become Christian has given this church a new lease on life and it is now thriving!

A Spiritual Awakening and Re-awakening is Occurring All Over the World

Many believers are coming together via house churches in countries that do not look upon believers in Christ positively. In China, for example, there is only one government-sanctioned Christian church, which is severely limited in number of congregations and members. This has forced believers in rural areas and cities to meet in small groups in various homes. Often, when their location is divulged, some members are physically hurt and even killed.

Also, in Iran there is a growing population of believers in Jesus Christ, especially among young people.  In fact, Iran is where the church is just about growing the quickest now!!  Of course, they must worship in secret places. When members of these congregations have been interviewed by journalists their faces have been protected in the video from being recognized in order to help prevent potential harm coming to them from their fellow Muslim neighbors. They have come to know the joy by accepting the savior Jesus.  Some former citizens of Iran have immigrated to other countries, such as Germany

Hazem's Story:

Born into a Palestinian family, Hazem is now a believer of Jesus Christ. Hazem's story is a very interesting one.  Check out his ReflectionsTV program that is broadcasted on the TBN network, or videos/interviews from that program on youtube, or his facebook page.

New Book: Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?

July 2012: A new book is out "Dreams & Visions" by Tom Doyle.  It covers the subject of the multitude of Muslims who have been given dreams or visions directly by Jesus, and they subsequently have come to be believers in Jesus Christ as their savior.  This is happening more and more to Muslims now.  Many such stories have been covered on the TV broadcast news program CWN (Christian World News), which is associated with CBN.

Growing Worldwide Underground Jesus Christ Believer Movements

A spiritual re-awakening is occurring all over the world.  There is a growing "underground" movement of Jesus Christ messianic believers (believers in Jesus as the messiah) occurring in countries that have been predominantly Buddhist, Muslim, or Hindu, etcetera.  Reportedly, about 125,000 people come to believe in Christ around the globe every day.  This is occurring worldwide in countries where significant persecution of believers exists today and is on the rise. Persecution of Jewish believers by Orthodox Jews is also occurring in Israel, while there is a growing population of messianic believers there. 

Worship meetings are taking place where believers in Jesus of all ethnicities worship together (including Jews, Arabs, and other gentiles of various ethnicities.  One such event was held in Israel, a messianic youth conference organized by Succat Hallel. As reported in the October 2009 issue of Israel Today ( "One of the most amazing things was Messianic Jews and Arab believers worshiping together and being reconciled through Yeshua (Jesus). Of the 850 conference participants, 500 were Messianic youth from Israel and 100 were Arabs, including two who came from Gaza and 40 from Bethlehem......We even had believing Arab youth from the Gaza Strip praying over Israeli soldiers and the soldiers praying over the Arab young people” (for more information:

A recent story was recounted by direct video interview with a Middle Eastern man who lives in the Middle East (broadcast by CBN News) who was previously a Muslim and had become a believer in Jesus.  He was kidnapped by Muslims in his town and tortured for a number of days by his captors.  After days of being hung upside down and tortured, and constantly saying to his captors "Jesus loves you" even in the face of being tortured, his captors eventually received Christ and let him go.  It was a very amazing story.

How are these events signs that the end times are upon us? ("End times" does NOT mean an end of the world, but the end of an age)  We are now living in the end times, where most all people on the earth will step over the line one way or the other....they will move toward the Lord or away.   Over the last few decades, a number of prominent Atheists or Agnostics have become believers in Jesus Christ (example author Anne Rice).  This activity will only increase, the closer we come to the time of the second coming.   

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Fascinating Trivia (People, Biblical & Miscellaneous):

Did You Know?

Joseph in the Old Testament is a Clear Picture of Jesus (Yeshua):

- Joseph was rejected by his brothers - Jesus (Yeshua) was rejected by his earthly brothers, the Jews
- Joseph was favored by his father - Jesus was favored by his heavenly father (...."this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased")
- Joseph was sold for pieces of silver - Jesus was sold for pieces of silver
- Joseph went into Egypt and became the bread of life when Israel was suffering in famine - Jesus became the bread of life for a predominantly Gentile world
- Joseph's bride was a Gentile - Jesus' bride, the church, is made up of mostly Gentiles today, but he has never forgotten Israel
- When Joseph revealed himself to his brothers, he told them that God sent him to Egypt (by using the jealousy and hatred of his brothers), and that God sent him to preserve many of them - Jesus revealed himself to his earthly brothers and told them that God had sent him to save the world
- Joseph forgave his brothers and told them that he would provide for them (nourish and provide for their households) - Jesus, on the cross, said "forgive them, and is 'The Bread of Life' and nourishes with The Word (the Bible)
- The last time Joseph wept tells us about the end times, the times we are living in, because after living in Egypt for many years, when Jacob died, his brothers thought Joseph would exact revenge on them (believing in forgiveness, but punishment anyway -- so not really believing they were forgiven and that penalty was remitted) - Some people still do not believe that through Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection that he took all sins and punishment upon himself for the world and that when we believe, ask for forgiveness and ask him to come into our hearts that we are truly forgiven and our sins (past, present and future) have already been paid for -- they are not punished twice.


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      Fascinating Trivia (People, Biblical & Miscellaneous)    

Spotless Lambs & Manger Location


Livestock feeding troughs (mangers) in the time of Jesus were made out of stone.  The manger in which the baby Jesus was placed was located in a specialized livestock area that was used only for raising spotless and perfect lambs for sacrificial purposes.  The tower of Eder, mentioned in the Bible, was a place where sacrificial lambs were raised for the temple.


Amazing Timing at Crucifixion

In the Jewish temple, two sacrificial lambs were placed on the altar each day, always one at 9am and one at 3pm.  Interestingly, Jesus (Yeshua) was crucified at 9am and gave up the ghost on the cross at 3pm.


King David:
In 1993, an inscription was discovered commemorating the victory of the king of Damascus over the house of David.


Ancient Cities Today – Smyrna

Town of ancient Smyrna in Asia Minor in Bible times (Rev 1:11) is called Izmir today and is in Turkey. It is a port city on the Mediterranean Sea. The Persians founded Smyrna during the reign of king Darius. In about 334 BC, after being dormant for a while, Alexander the Great revived the town.


Ancient Cities Today – Babylon

In about 1840, a German archeologist discovered the city of Babylon (56 miles in circumference) and the palace of Nebuchadnezzar.  Before his fall, Saddam Hussein was restoring that palace and rebuilding parts of the city including the temple.  During the Iraq war, some of the U.S. military had been housed in that location. 


Archeology Find in Greece – Corinth:
In 1929, evidence of apostle Paul's visit to the people of Greece and Corinth was found when an interesting stone was uncovered.  Archeologists discovered a 1st century AD pavement stone in Corinth that can still be viewed today.  It contains the following inscription:

"Erastus in return for the office of public works commissioner laid this pavement at his own expense."

Erastus is mentioned three times in the New Testament.  In Romans 16:23 (KJV): Gaius mine host, and of the whole church, saluteth you. Erastus the chamberlain of the city saluteth you, and Quartus a brother.  In the ASV & AMP Bibles "chamberlain" is translated as "city treasurer."  Erastus is also mentioned in Acts 19:22 and 2 Timothy 4:20.




The word “Verbatim” refers to the word-for-word method of recording events as they happened, and was developed by the Roman slave Tiro, a slave of Cicero. He used a symbol (the @ symbol) that is used today in all email addresses. Since this verbatim method of recording events word-for-word was used during the Roman empire era, many events could have been recorded accurately using this method, like the extraordinary martyrdom of Polycarp, for example.


King David


In 1993, an inscription was discovered commemorating the victory of the king of Damascus over the house of David.


Oldest Tree 4300 Years Old


The oldest tree ever found, thus far, is 4300 yrs old. Isn't it is interesting that 4300 years age is very comparable with the estimate of the Great Flood occurring about 4400 years ago.


Why Were Abraham and Sarah’s Names Changed?


Why was Sarai’s name changed to Sarah and Abram’s name changed to Abraham? All Hebrew alphabet letters are also pictures and have meanings. The “h” in the Hebrew alphabet (#5 in the table on the archeology page, pronounced "hey") means “grace.” They both received grace from the Lord, replacing their works with his grace. (re: Their works resulting in a baby born of a servant/bondswoman, whereas Isaac was born out of grace). Interestingly, the Hebrew letter lexicon representing the “i” at the end of Sarai’s original name is a picture of a hand and means “works” – works by the hand.


The Harvest Theme & Prophecy


The Feast of Tabernacles (or Festival of Ingathering) and the Harvest theme: A week of observances/celebration. This could very well provide a clue to the order in which the rapture and great tribulation will occur, because Bible prophecy often involves 1 day meaning 1 year in terms of prophecy timing. Therefore, 7 days may refer to the 7 years of Great Tribulation. As a result, the rapture “harvest of souls” could precede the Great Tribulation.


Calendar Trivia & 7th Millennium


There was an error introduced into the Hebrew calendar – most say purposely, resulting in that calendar being behind by 230 years (other accounts 240 years), resulting in 6,000+ calendar years passing instead of 5,771+. The “Great Sabbath” refers to the 7th millennium, or 7th period of 1,000 years. Therefore, we have already entered the 7th millennium and are essentially on “borrowed time” awaiting the rapture and Jesus’ second coming.


1917 to 1967 – Exactly a Span of a Jubilee


In 1917, Jerusalem was liberated from Turkish rule by Britain. In 1967, Jerusalem was finally back in Israel's hands after the Six-Day War. The Bible proclaims that after each period of 7 times 7 years (49 years) the following year (50th year) is proclaimed a Jubilee year (Lev 25:8-10, 13), with the shofar/"trumpet" sounding on the 10th Day of the month of Tishri.  In a Jubilee year, lands are returned to their original owners.  So, it seems very interesting that Jerusalem was back in Israel's hands in the 50th year after 1917.  In 1917, British General Allenby's planes flew over Jerusalem and dropped leaflets that said to surrender over the Turkish-held Jerusalem, and they surrendered without bloodshed. 


The 50th Jubilee year is also the 1st year towards counting the next 49 years.  So, if one added 49 years from the previous Year #49 (1966) that gives us the year 2015; thus a Jubilee span could be celebrated in 2016.  Since we are living in the end times, maybe we could look forward to a great celebration by 2016?  Only time will tell.  But, interesting food for thought.  We will not know the exact hour or day, but we were told to be watchful of the general time frame...........


Little Known Historical Details – Pontius Pilate Proceedings with Jesus


According to the historical records of Nicodemus, the following occurred when Jesus was brought to Pilate by the chief priests and scribes and many of the Jews:

.......They say to him, We do not say that he is a king, but he saith he is one. And Pilate having called the officer saith to him, Let Jesus be brought with gentleness. And the officer went out and, having recognized him, worshiped him, and taking a scarf in his hand spread it on the ground, and said to him, Lord, walk here, and come in, for the governor calleth three. And the Jews seeing what the officer did cried out against Pilate, saying, Why didst thou not order him by a crier to come in, rather than by an officer? For when the officer saw him he worshiped him, and spread his scarf on the ground and made him walk on it like a king.
     And Pilate called the officer and said to him, Why hast thou done this, and spread thy scarf on the ground and made Jesus walk upon it? The officer saith to him, My lord governor, When thou sentest me to Jerusalem to Alexander, I saw Him sitting on an ass, and the children of the Hebrews held boughs in their hands and cried out, and others spread out their garments, saying, Save now, thou who art in the highest: blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.
     The Jews cried out, and said to the officer, The children of the Hebrews cried out in Hebrew; whence has thou the Greek? The officer saith to them, I asked on of the Jews and said, What is that they cry out in Hebrew? And he explained to me. Pilate saith to them, How did they cry out in Hebrew? The Jews said to him, Hosanna membrome, barouchamma Adonai. Pilate saith to them, And how is Hosanna and the rest interpreted?> The Jews say unto him, Save now, thou that art in the highest: Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord. Pilate saith to them, If ye bear witness that these words were spoken by the children, how hath the officer done wrong? And they were silent. The governor saith to the officer, Go and bring him in what manner thou wilt. And the officer went out and did the same as before, and said to Jesus, Lord, enter, the governor calleth thee.
     And when Jesus entered, and the standard-bearers holding the standards (i.e. flag, banner), the tops of the standards bowed down and worshiped Jesus. And when the Jews saw the manner of the standards, how they bowed down and worshiped Jesus, they cried out exceedingly against the standard-bearers. And Pilate said to the Jews, Do ye not marvel how the banners bowed down and worshiped Jesus? The Jews said to Pilate, We saw how the standard-bearers bowed down and worshiped him. And the governor called the standard-bearers and said to them, Why did ye do so? They said to Pilate, We are Greeks and wait upon the gods, how could we worship him? but as we were holding the banners they bowed down of themselves an worshiped him.
     Pilate said to the chiefs of the synagogues and the elders of the people, Choose ye strong and powerful men, and let them hold the standards, and let us see if they bow down of themselves. And the elder of the Jews took twelve strong and powerful men, and made six together hold the standards, and they stood before the judgment-seat of the governor. And Pilate saith to the officer, Take him out of the praetorium, and bring him in again in what manner thou wilt. And Jesus and the officer went out of the praetorium. And Pilate called those who before held the banners, and saith to them, I have sworn by the salvation of Caesar that if the standards do not bow down when Jesus entereth I will cut off your heads. And the governor gave order the second time that Jesus should come in. And the officer did the same as before, and earnestly entreated Jesus to tread upon his scarf. And be trod on it, and came in. And as he entered the standards bowed down again and worshiped Jesus.
     And when Pilate saw it he was afraid and sought to rise up from the judgment-seat. And while it was yet in his mind to rise his wife sent to him, saying, Have nothing to do with this just man............. 


Pilate's Letter to Herod


Excerpt from a historical letter to Herod from Pilate after Jesus had risen:

................Now when Procla, my wife, heard that Jesus was risen, and had appeared in Galilee, she took with her Longinus the centurion and twelve soldiers, the same that had watched at the sepulcher, and went to greet the face of Christ, as if to a great spectacle, and saw Him with His disciples.
   n  Now while they were standing, and wondering, and gazing at Him, He looked at them, and said to them, What is it? Do ye believe in Me? Procla, know that in the covenant which God gave to the fathers, it is said that everyone which had perished should live by means of my death, which ye have seen. And now, ye see that I live, whom ye crucified. And I suffered many things, till that I was laid in the sepulcher. But now, hear Me, and believe in My Father — God who is in Me. for I loosed the cords of death, and brake the gates of Sheol; and My coming shall be hereafter.
     And when Procla my wife and the Romans heard these things, they came and told me, weeping; for they also were against Him, when they devised the evils which they had done unto Him. so that, I also was on the couch of my bed in affliction, and put on a garment of mourning, and took unto me fifty Romans with my wife and went into Galilee.
     And when I was going in the way I testified these things; that Herod did these things by me, that he took counsel with me, and constrained me to arm my hands against Him, and to judge Him that judgeth all, and to scourge the Just One, Lord of the just. And when we drew nigh to Him, O Herod, a great voice was heard from heaven, and dreadful thunder, and the earth trembled, and gave forth a sweet smell, like unto which was never perceived even in the temple of Jerusalem. Now while I stood in the way, our Lord saw me as He stood and talked with His disciples. But I prayed in my heart, for I knew that it was He whom ye delivered unto me, that He was lord of created things and Creator of all. But we, when we saw Him, all of us fell upon our faces before His feet. And I said with a loud voice, I have sinned, O Lord, in that I sat and judged Thee, who avengest all in truth. And lo, I know that Thou art God, the Son of God, and I beheld Thy humanity and not Thy divinity. But Herod, with the children of Israel, constrained me to do evil unto Thee. Have pity, therefore, upon me, O God of Israel!
     And my wife, in great anguish, said, God of heaven and of earth, God of Israel, reward me not according to the deeds of Pontius Pilate, nor according to the will of the children of Israel, nor according to the thought of the sons of the priests; but remember my husband in Thy glory!
     Now our Lord drew near and raised up me and my wife, and the Romans; and I looked at Him and saw there were on Him the scars of His cross. And He said, That which all the righteous father hoped to receive, and saw not — in thy time of the Lord of Time, the Son of Man, the Son of the Most High. who is forever, arose from the dead, and is glorified on high by all that He created, and established forever and ever.


Pilate's Last Words:


According to the historical records of the trial and condemnation of Pilate by Caesar, the following are the last words by Pilate and his wife, Procla.  Caesar commanded the beheading of Pilate, saying As he laid hands upon the just man, that is called Christ, he also shall fall in like manner, and find no deliverance.
     And when Pilate came to the place he prayed in silence, saying O Lord, destroy not me with the wicked Hebrews, for I should not have laid hands upon thee, but for the nation of lawless Jews, because they provoked sedition against me: but thou knowest that I did it in ignorance. Destroy me not, therefore, for this my sin, nor be mindful of the evil that is in me, O Lord, and in thy servant Procla who standeth with me in this the hour of my death, whom thou taughtest to prophesy that thou must be nailed to the cross. D not punish her too in my sin, but forgive us, and number us in the portion of they just ones. And behold, when Pilate had finished his prayer, there came a voice from heaven, saying All generations and the families of the Gentiles shall call thee blessed, because under thee were fulfilled all these things that were spoken by the prophets concerning me; and thou thyself must appear as my witness at my second coming, when I shall judge the twelve tribes of Israel, and them that have not confessed my name. And the head of Pilate was cut off, and behold an angel of the Lord received it. And when his wife Procla saw the angel coming and received his head, she also, being filled with joy, forthwith gave up the ghost, and was buried with her husband.


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