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Can You Pour God Into a Test Tube?

Many people approach spiritual things similar to Thomas, not only doubting, but unbendingly refusing to believe unless they see. As if they could pour God into a test tube and make the intangible become tangible in order to prove they are intangible. Certain things must be approached in faith. Things that are a matter of perception not proof. Let’s use some common examples. Beauty is a matter of perception not proof. How can you prove that anything is beautiful? Can you prove by any means of intelligence why a sunset is beautiful? Yet, for about 2,000 years people have been professing the faith that has born witness of spiritual realities, and they ask if one can prove that God exists. How could any tiny human mind prove God? What kind of a God could a tiny human mind prove? You might just as well ask a bird to prove the air in which it flies, or the fish to prove the sea in which it swims. Take also, for example, the phenomenon of falling in love. Have you ever asked the question “how will I know when I fall in love”? The answer is…don’t worry, you’ll know. Love, like beauty, is a matter of perception and experiences, not proof. The great things by which we live are not proven by logic, but by life. As that is true of love and beauty, so it is true of finding God and learning how close he stands to us.  Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship. 

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The Miraculous "Good News" Message of REST Found Embedded in the Bible ("Gospel" means "Good News")
Apostle Paul's (Saul's) Conversion Poses a Problem for Non-Believers


What does this powerful rest really mean and how do we get it?  (Exactly what type of "Deal" are we being offered?)

The Miraculous "Good News" Message of Rest Found Embedded in the Bible:

By supernatural engineering, a miraculous message was encrypted in the initial 10 generations, or genealogy, of mankind. (Genesis 5:1-32).

In addition to each name in English, the Young’s Literal Translation is also included in parentheses if slightly different, followed by the Transliterated
Hebrew that is read left to right. The Hebrew lexicon is next and is read right to left.  Lastly, the Hebrew meaning follows.
Adam, 'aDM, אדם  (meaning: “man, mankind”)
Seth, ShTh,  שת (meaning: “compensation” or to put, set, lay, appoint)
Enosh (Enos), 'aNVSh,  אנוש  (meaning: “man” from root man, mortal man, mankind, and primitive root anash to be incurable, to be sick, desperate,
desperately wicked, woeful)
Kenan (Cainan), QYNN,  קינן  (meaning: “possession” of dwelling place from root nest, nesting, cells, rooms, fixed dwelling) can mean sorrow or
wandering nomad, primitive root: to build or occupy
Mahalalel (Mahalaleel), MHLL'aL, מהללאל  (meaning: “praise of God”, also root ‘ayil meaning ram or leader, or mighty tree)
Jared, YurD,  ירד (meaning: “descent” or descend)
Enoch, ChNVK, חנוך (meaning: “dedicated” or dedicate/train)
Methuselah, MThVShLCh, מתושלח (meaning: “man of the dart” from roots: math = males, men; and shelach = weapon(s), sword, missile, sprout, shoot)
Lamech, LMK, למך  (meaning: “powerful”)
, NCh,
נח, (meaning: “rest” or bring relief or comfort, primitive root nuwach to obtain rest)

Basic "Rough" Result:

Mankind compensated/appointed with sickness/woefulness (mortalness), praise/ram of God descend dedicate man/men powerful rest.

Basic Result with verbs added for smoothness:

Mankind was compensated with woefulness, but the descent of the ram of God will dedicate to man (men) powerful rest.

This "embedded" message in the Bible essentially provides the gospel message in only one sentence!!  The Lord has provided so many fascinating tidbits for all of us to find and appreciate.  The "ram of God" is of course, Jesus Christ, whose purpose was to be born and dwell among men and provide the ultimate sacrificial offering in our place so that we could have eternal life (ours for the asking -- it is a GIFT).  What does this powerful rest really mean and how do we get it?   

General References: Hebrew Old Testament and Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon:
References for the Meanings of the Names:
Seth: (and from root shiyth = to put, lay, appoint, fix, constitute, to be imposed, be set upon)
Kenan (Cainan): (and from root qen = cells/rooms), also
Mahalaleel: also root
Jared: (and from root yarad = to descend)
Enoch: (and from root chanak = to train, to dedicate)
Methuselah: (from roots: math = males, men; and shelach = weapon(s), sword, missile, sprout, shoot)
Noah (Strong’s 5146):

Apostle Paul's (Saul's) Conversion Poses a Problem for Non-Believers:

The account of apostle Paul's (Saul's) conversion (Acts 9) on the road to Damascus describes a light that flashes all around him and that he heard a voice that literally knocked him to the ground. He heard a voice say "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?"  The men who were with him heard only the voice, but no man.  It was the voice of the resurrected Jesus. His instructions to Saul to continue to Damascus and wait for instructions. The appearance of Christ left Saul temporarily blinded, humbled, and forever changed.  After being led to Damascus by those who were with him, a believing Jew named Ananias received a vision and instructions on where to find Saul and restored his eyesight by laying hands on him. Ananias told him that the Lord had appointed Saul to carry his name to the Gentiles and kings and children of Israel.

Saul's conversion poses a real problem for skeptics of Christian history.  For what would explain a man who fervently persecuted Christians suddenly (and without any logical incentive) change his course and become a member of a group that he and others had been persecuting.

The radical nature of his conversion gives every indication that it was a true encounter with the resurrected Christ.  He then embarked on a 22-year apostle career that would take him all over the Mediterranean world starting in Antioch (now Turkey) to Cypress to Asia Minor to another city called Antioch, to other cities called Philippi, Thessalonica, Berea, Athens, Corinth, Galatia, Ephesus, Rome, and others. 

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