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There have been many, multiple key historical events that have amazingly and supernaturally occurred on Biblical celebration days, which are holidays and festivals in Israel and by those of Jewish descent elsewhere.  This shows that rather than these events occurring on such anniversaries by random chance, it has been the hand of God.

This type of thing cannot be said of any other nation in the world.  No matter what faith you are, you will appreciate the awesomeness of God by the information presented on this page. 

We are told in the new testament not to be legalistic about observing certain days, but that they are prophetic of future events. (Colossians 2: 16-17)

Notes: Traditionally, in the Jewish Calendar, each day actually begins at sundown and ends at the next sundown.  The Jewish Calendar actually has more than one new year for different purposes.

Per the Bible, all key events in Jesus' life occurred on key festival days.

1) Rejection by the Jews (10th of Nissan, Palm Sunday)
2) Last supper and betrayal (14th of Nissan)
3) Crucifixion (15th of Nissan)
4) Resurrection (17th of Nissan)
5) The Holy Spirit was given at Pentecost (6th of Sivan)
6) Jesus' birth: Believed to have occurred on the 15th of Tishri
7) Jesus' baptism: Believed to have occurred on the 10th of Tishri

6th Day of the month of Sivan (end May/early June in Gregorian calendar):

Jewish Shavu'ot or Festival of Weeks, and for Messianic Jews or Christians it is the Feast of Pentecost (Lev 23:17, 50 days after Passover or next day after 7 weeks) For Messianic Jews or Christians, the theme is that the law kills, but grace saves.

Events occurred on this day:

1) God gave the Law to Moses (Exodus). 3,000 were killed
    (Exodus 32:28).
2) The Holy Spirit is given to the church (Acts 2); 3,000 were saved..

17th Day of the month of Tammuz (approx. July in Gregorian calendar):

This day begins three weeks of mourning for the nation.

Events occurred on this day:

1) First occurrence was when Moses broke the stone tablets of the law.
2) Babylonians invade Jerusalem and stopped the daily sacrifice.
3) In 70 AD, the Romans stopped the daily sacrifice.

Note: The chance of an event happening on any particular day in the year is 1 in 365.  The chance of 3 national disasters or major events occurring on the same day is 1 in 133,2256.

9th Day of the month of Av (approx. August in Gregorian calendar):

A day when judgment or destruction occur.

Events occurred on this day:

1) The 12 scouts return from Canaan and 10 of them report that they
    cannot take the land, disbelieving God, resulting in their wandering the
    wilderness for 40 years before entering Canaan.
2) Babylonians destroyed Solomon's temple (587 BC).
3) In 70 AD, the Romans destroyed Herod's temple.
4) In 71 AD, the Romans plowed Jerusalem with salt.
5) In 135 AD, the Romans destroy the army of Israel (their last rebellion).
    About 1.5 million Jews were killed.
6) In 1290 AD, England expelled the Jews.
7) In 1492 AD, Spain expelled the Jews.
8) In 1914, World War I was declared, and Russia launched its program
    to persecute the Jews (100,000 were killed on the day they launched
    that program).

Note 1: When the Jewish historian, Josephus, recorded the temple destruction in 70AD, he noted that he thought it was the hand of God behind it occurring on the same day as the destruction of Solomon's temple.

Note 2:  After expelling the Jews, England's power severely eroded.  When England allowed Jews to return (during Cromwell's revolution of parliament against the king), then England began to rise as a world power.

Note 3:  The chance of 8 national disasters (disasters for Jews) occurring on the same day is 1 in 863,000 x 1 Trillion (863,000,000,000,000,000).

1st Day of the month of Tishri – New Year for Counting Years, Sabbaticals and Jubilees,  (late September in Gregorian calendar):

Called: Rosh Ha'shanah or Feast of Trumpets – Israel blows a series of Shofar (Ram's horn, similar to a Trumpet) blows, unless the holiday falls on a Shabbat, or Saturday when they do not blow the Shofar (Lev 23:24).  Also referred to as "the Sabbath of Sabbaths" (Lev 23:32).

Research shows that getting the exact meaning direct from the Hebrew as to whether "shouting" or "blowing of trumpets" was meant, the translation definition is: alarm, battle cry, blowing, blowing trumpets, joy, joyful sound, resounding, shout, shout of alarm, shout of joy, shouted, shouting, shouts of joy, signal, trumpet blast, war cries, war cry.

Leviticus 23: 24  (Young's Literal Translation)
'Speak unto the sons of Israel, saying, In the seventh month, on the first of the month, ye have a Sabbath (rest day), a memorial of shouting (blowing of trumpets in KJV), a holy convocation;'

Nehemiah 8:18  (Young's Literal Translation)
And he readeth in the book of the law of God day by day, from the first day till the last day, and they make a feast seven days, and on the eighth day a restraint (solemn assembly, KJV), according to the ordinance.

Events occurred on this day:

1) The high priest brought the first offering to the rebuilt temple
    (reference Ezra 3:16).
2) Ezra read the law to the returned exiles (Nehemiah 8:2).
3) For potential future events, refer to notes.

Note 1:  Some scholars believe that the 1st day of Tishri (the seventh month) could possibility be the future date for the battle of Armageddon.

Note 2:  Because this festival is referred to the "Sabbath of Sabbaths" it is also possible that  this festival could usher in the "great Sabbath" of the millennial reign.

Note 3:  Dates for this holiday (the "eve of 1st Tishri" begins the previous evening):
September 19, 2009
September 9, 2010
September 29, 2011 
September 17, 2012
September 5, 2013
September 25, 2014

10th Day of the month of Tishri –  (approx. late September):

The Day of Atonement – A day set aside for fasting, depriving oneself of pleasures, and repenting from the sins of the previous year (Lev 23:27).  This is also when a trumpet of the Jubilee year is sounded (The Jubilee year is the 50th year).

Events occurred on this day:

1) Aaron made atonement for Israel (Lev 16:1-8).
2) Israel saved from annihilation in the war of Yom Kippur, 1973.

Note 1: Possible future date when Israel shall mourn for their messiah, following the battle with the Antichrist and the kings of the east at Armageddon (Zech 12:10-11).

Note 2:  Dates for this holiday (the "eve of 10th Tishri" begins the previous evening):
September 28, 2009
September 18, 2010
October 8, 2011
September 26, 2012
September 14, 2013
October 4, 2014


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15th Day of the month of Tishri – (early October in Gregorian calendar):

Sukkot – The Feast of Tabernacles or Festival of Ingathering that lasts for seven days (Exodus 23:16. Lev 23:34-36, 39-41) where the first day is a Sabbath.  The Shofar/Ram's Horn is also sounded at the beginning of this festival. One of the three pilgrimage festivals. A festival commemorating the final harvest and also the wandering in the desert  (Lev 23:39).  

Events occurred on this day:

1) Dedication of Solomon's temple.
2) Believed to be the actual birthday of Jesus Christ -- his birth on
    September 29, 2 B.C.  In addition to other substantiations, this date
    can also be substantiated by the Great Pyramid of Giza which
    forecasted the event when it was built more than 2,000 years prior
    to Jesus' birth        (click here for more info on this)
3) Potential future event of the Rapture (note 2).

Note 1:  Dates for this holiday (the "eve of 15th Tishri" begins the previous evening):
October 3, 2009
September 23, 2010
October 13, 2011
October 1, 2012
September 19, 2013
October 9, 2014

Note 2:  Keeping with the Lord's harvest theme (note 3) -- the harvesting of souls -- some believe that this could potentially be the time of the rapture in the future. Symbolically, it is possible that the 7 days of festival could represent the seven years of tribulation and at the same time seven years of marriage supper celebration in heaven (feast of 7 days = 7 years per Bible prophecy).  The blowing of the trumpet at the beginning of the celebration is analogous to the trumpet that will sound when the rapture occurs, followed by a 7-year period where simultaneously there is the marriage supper celebration occurring in heaven (indicated by the seven feasting days in Nehemiah 8:18), and the seven years of tribulation on earth. 
Another key point which backs up this belief is that the rapture and marriage supper need to occur before the war at the end of the 7-year-tribulation period when Christ's Second Coming occurs, which coincides with what Jude 1:14 says ("And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands (myriads) of his saints") and what Revelation 19:14 tells us about Christ coming with all the saints by his side (believers): "And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean."  And that occurs AFTER the marriage supper explained in Revelation 19:8: "And to her (Christ’s bride, the church, the saints) was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.  Therefore, the rapture must occur first, then the marriage supper, and then Christ's second coming with the saints by his side.

Note 3:  This is also the time of the year when the fall harvest occurs.  Mankind's redemption revolves around a theme of harvest.  Christ's resurrection was the beginning of the first fruits (beginning of harvest).  Passover commemorates the Exodus from Egypt as well as marking the beginning of the harvest season.  Not all Christians realize that there also were others who were resurrected after Christ, representing additional first fruits (Matthew 27:52-53 – And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose.  And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.)  In addition, there are writings from the 1st century that say there were about 12,000 people who were resurrected after Christ and witnessed during the days between Christ's resurrection and when he was translated to heaven, where they saw Jesus and witnessed that he resurrected them as well.  Also among the 1st century writings are the published reports and letters of Pilate the Governor who reported about the dead who arose and witnessed.

Note 4: Possible future date related to the 4th millennial temple, shown by the vision of the future 4th millennial temple (described in the prophecy by Ezekiel 40:1-2.  In Israel, the 3rd temple is currently being planned.

24th Day of the month of Chisleu (November/December):

Events occurred on this day:

1) Foundation laid for the 2nd temple after 70 years captivity in Babylon
    (Haggai 2:18).
2) In December 1917, British Army General Allenby's planes flew low at
    high speed back and forth over Turkish-held Jerusalem, dropping
    leaflets that said to surrender and signed by General Allenby
    (Allenby means "prophet of God" in the Arabic language). They
    scared the Turks into surrender without bloodshed, and at the same
    time defended the city against Turkish planes.

In detailed fulfillment of Isaiah, the number 14 Bomber Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps (R.A.F.) took Jerusalem "as flying birds" and defended it, and passing over it, preserved it. an indication of the Divine planning, in every detail, may be found in the motto inscribed on the badge of the bomber squadron chosen for the task which read: "I spread my wings and keep my promise."   This timing also fulfills a prophetic "Seven Times" (2,520 years) after 604 B.C. the date when Nebuchadnezzar first came against Jerusalem and took the city and led away that segment of the tribe of Judah captive into Babylon.  The manner of delivery in 1917 was foretold in detail by the Prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 31:5): "As birds flying, so will the Lord of Hosts defend Jerusalem; defending, also He will deliver it; and passing over, He will preserve it."

1st Day of the month of Nissan (March/April):

Opening day of the religious new year; new cleansing (Exodus 12: 2; 40:1-2).

Events occurred on this day:

1) Dedication of the tabernacle in the wilderness after the exodus out
    of bondage of Egypt led by Moses (Exodus 40:17).
2) Cleansing of the defiled temple by King Hezikiah (2 Chronicles 29).
3) Under leadership of Ezra, the return of Israel from Babylon after 70
    years (Ezra 7).

Note 1:  Possible future date that will be the cleansing of the millennial temple (Ezekiel 45:18).

10th Day of the month of Nissan (March/April):

Sanctification, or setting apart (Exodus 12: 3).  Also a description of the sacrificial lamb (Exodus 12: 5-6).

Events occurred on this day:

1) Passover lamb was chosen and held up until the 14th day of Nissan,
    just before the exodus out of Egypt. (Exodus 12: 3-6).
2) Israel crosses the Jordan River (Joshua 4:19).
3) Palm Sunday, when Jesus entered the eastern gate of Jerusalem on
    a donkey (Daniel 9:26 prophecy: "cut off" means that he was
    rejected as messiah by the Jews).

14th Day of the month of Nissan (March/April):

The Passover Supper (Exodus 12: 5-6-11).  Events typically represent the covenants, protection, and promises between God and man.

For Messianic Jews and Christians, the sacrificial lamb symbolizes the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus as the sacrificial lamb.

Events occurred on this day:

1) God's covenant given to Abraham (Genesis 17).
2) Passover supper in preparation for the exodus out of Egypt.
    (Passover lamb was sacrificed.)
3) First Passover that took place in Canaan after the exodus was
4) The book of the law was found, after being lost according to
    2 Chronicles 34:15.
5) Dedication of the 2nd temple occurred (Ezra 16:19).
6) Jesus and the disciples at the last supper before the crucifixion when we
    were instructed on how to partake of the New Covenant meal (commonly
    referred to as "communion." (Luke 22:19).

Note 1: Possible future date that begins the marriage supper of the church (the saints) to the messiah, Jesus Christ.

15th Day of the month of Nissan (March/April):

The Feast of Unleavened Bread or Pesach (Feast week begins); agriculturally, it represents the beginning of the harvest season in Israel.

It refers to the fact that God "passed over" the houses of the Jews when he was slaying the firstborn of Egypt.  In English, the holiday is known as Passover.  Pesach is also the name of the sacrificial offering (a lamb) made on this holiday, as they all took part in a supper of lamb the night before leaving Egypt on their exodus. The holiday is also referred to as the Spring Festival and The Time of Our Freedom.

And this day hath become to you a memorial, and ye have kept it a feast to Jehovah to your generations; -- a statute age-during; ye keep it a feast.  Seven days ye eat unleavened things; only -- in the first day ye cause leaven to cease out of your houses; for any one eating anything fermented from the first day till the seventh day, even that person hath been cut off from Israel (Exodus 12:14-17, KJV).  

Events typically represent the covenants and promises between God and man.

Events occurred on this day:

1) The exodus out of Egypt began (out of bondage to Egypt).
    Exodus forecasted by the chronology of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
2) Crucifixion (out of bondage to the law and into the covenant of grace)
    The date of Jesus' crucifixion was forecasted by the chronology of
    the Great Pyramid of Giza!           (click here for more details)
3) The fall of the Jewish resistance at Masada in 73AD.

17th Day of the month of Nissan (MarchApril):

The Feast of First Fruits (Exodus 23:16, Lev 23:10-11).  The theme is resurrection; a new beginning.

Events occurred on this day:

1) Noah's Ark comes to rest on Mt. Ararat (Genesis 8:4). Represents
    the resurrection of Noah's family and mankind.
2) Israel miraculously crossed the Red Sea, and they went into the
    promised land (Exodus 12:25).
3) Israel eats the first fruits of the promised land.
4) The resurrection of Jesus (John 12:24) and many of the old
    testament saints also rose with him (Matthew 27:52-53).

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